We had a great last 2k18 private concert with KOTVAJAZZ set. Big thanks to Armin and Dani for joining us! Thx also to all who made this year a fantastic wellnesspunk one!


Have you ever heard about Girls Rock Camps?

These camps provide an empowering, inspiring and supporting area for girls_ and young women_ so that they get the chance to play instruments, form their own bands and (if they want) conquer the stage. You can check, if there are camps in your region for taking part or even organize a camp on your own.
Since the last few days Chris has been at pink noise Girls Rock Camp to support girls_ and young women_ who play in bands they just formed a few days ago. Tomorrow, 14th of August, there will be the final concert in Hollabrunn, where the young musicians are performing their own songs, come by! #grrrlspunk