Have you ever heard about Girls Rock Camps?

These camps provide an empowering, inspiring and supporting area for girls_ and young women_ so that they get the chance to play instruments, form their own bands and (if they want) conquer the stage. You can check, if there are camps in your region for taking part or even organize a camp on your own.
Since the last few days Chris has been at pink noise Girls Rock Camp to support girls_ and young women_ who play in bands they just formed a few days ago. Tomorrow, 14th of August, there will be the final concert in Hollabrunn, where the young musicians are performing their own songs, come by! #grrrlspunk

SUB still needs support!

Dear people,
some of you might know the self-organized, non-commercial and non-profit association called SUB, which is located in our hometown Graz. it‘s not just a place for concerts and parties, but also for discussions and workshops. It‘s a place that, from our point of view, is needed in this city. Due to a lot of necessary construction works, help is needed to support this unique place and prevent it from shutting down.
Please check the homepage for more information – there are plenty of possibilities to help.

A very easy chance to help is to vote for SUB, as it is listed for a competition and has the chance to win some money that is desperatly needed. Please check the link below to vote!